Template Function deepmd::session_input_tensors(std::vector<std::pair<std::string, tensorflow::Tensor>>&, const std::vector<VALUETYPE>&, const int&, const std::vector<int>&, const std::vector<VALUETYPE>&, const double&, const std::vector<VALUETYPE>&, const std::vector<VALUETYPE>&, const deepmd::AtomMap&, const std::string)

Function Documentation

template<typename MODELTYPE, typename VALUETYPE>
int deepmd::session_input_tensors(std::vector<std::pair<std::string, tensorflow::Tensor>> &input_tensors, const std::vector<VALUETYPE> &dcoord_, const int &ntypes, const std::vector<int> &datype_, const std::vector<VALUETYPE> &dbox, const double &cell_size, const std::vector<VALUETYPE> &fparam_, const std::vector<VALUETYPE> &aparam_, const deepmd::AtomMap &atommap, const std::string scope = "")

Get input tensors.

  • input_tensors[out] Input tensors.

  • dcoord_[in] Coordinates of atoms.

  • ntypes[in] Number of atom types.

  • datype_[in] Atom types.

  • dbox[in] Box matrix.

  • cell_size[in] Cell size.

  • fparam_[in] Frame parameters.

  • aparam_[in] Atom parameters.

  • atommap[in] Atom map.

  • scope[in] The scope of the tensors.