Template Function deepmd::prod_env_mat_a_nvnmd_quantize_cpu

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doxygenfunction: Unable to resolve function “deepmd::prod_env_mat_a_nvnmd_quantize_cpu” with arguments (FPTYPE*, FPTYPE*, FPTYPE*, int*, const FPTYPE*, const int*, const InputNlist&, const int, const FPTYPE*, const FPTYPE*, const int, const int, const float, const float, const std::vector<int>, const FPTYPE) in doxygen xml output for project “core” from directory: _build/core/xml/. Potential matches:

- template<typename FPTYPE> void prod_env_mat_a_nvnmd_quantize_cpu(FPTYPE *em, FPTYPE *em_deriv, FPTYPE *rij, int *nlist, const FPTYPE *coord, const int *type, const InputNlist &inlist, const int max_nbor_size, const FPTYPE *avg, const FPTYPE *std, const int nloc, const int nall, const float rcut, const float rcut_smth, const std::vector<int> sec, const FPTYPE precs[3])