1.8. Install Node.js interface

DeePMD-kit has an inference interface for Node.js, the most common programming language in the world, via a wrapper of the header-only C++ interface created by SWIG.

1.8.1. Install from npm

npm i deepmd-kit
# Or if you want to install globally
npm i -g deepmd-kit

1.8.2. Build from source

Before building DeePMD-kit, install Node.js, SWIG (v4.1.0 for Node.js v12-v18 support), and node-gyp globally.

When using CMake to build DeePMD-kit from source, set argument BUILD_NODEJS_IF=ON and NODEJS_INCLUDE_DIRS=/path/to/nodejs/include (the path to the include directory of Node.js):

      -D NODEJS_INCLUDE_DIRS=/path/to/nodejs/include \
      .. # and other arguments
make install

After installing DeePMD-kit, two files, bind.gyp and deepmdJAVASCRIPT_wrap.cxx will be generated in $deepmd_source_dir/source/nodejs.

Go to this directory, and install the Node.js package globally:

cd $deepmd_source_dir/source/nodejs
npm i
npm link

The deepmd-kit package should be globally available in Node.js environments:

const deepmd = require("deepmd-kit");