Reproduce get started and input examples

Sometimes we want to reproduce the initial results with the same configurations for cross validation. This version of autotest package can accomplish this successfully in all property types except for Elastic. An input example for using deepmd to reproduce the VASP Interstitial results is given below:

    "structures":       ["confs/std-*"],
    "interaction": {
        "type":          "deepmd",
        "model":         "frozen_model.pb",
        "type_map":     {"Al": 0}
    "properties": [
        "type":             "interstitial",
        "reproduce":        true,
        "init_from_suffix": "00",
        "init_data_path":   "../vasp/confs",
        "reprod_last_frame":       false

reproduce denotes whether to do reproduce or not and the default value is False.

init_data_path is the path of VASP or LAMMPS initial data to be reproduced. init_from_suffix is the suffix of the initial data and the default value is “00”. In this case, the VASP Interstitial results are stored in ../vasp/confs/std-*/interstitial_00 and the reproduced Interstitial results would be in deepmd/confs/std-*/interstitial_reprod.

reprod_last_frame denotes if only the last frame is used in reproduce. The default value is True for eos and surface, but is False for vacancy and interstitial.