Source code for dpgen2.exploration.task.task

import os
from import (
from typing import (

[docs] class ExplorationTask: """Define the files needed by an exploration task. Examples -------- >>> # this example dumps all files needed by the task. >>> files = exploration_task.files() ... for file_name, file_content in files.items(): ... with open(file_name, 'w') as fp: ... fp.write(file_content) """ def __init__( self, ): self._files = {}
[docs] def add_file( self, fname: str, fcont: str, ): """Add file to the task Parameters ---------- fname : str The name of the file fcont : str The content of the file. """ self._files[fname] = fcont return self
[docs] def files(self) -> Dict: """Get all files for the task. Returns ------- files : dict The dict storing all files for the task. The file name is a key of the dict, and the file content is the corresponding value. """ return self._files