Source code for dpgen2.op.select_confs

from dflow.python import (
import os, json
from typing import Tuple, List, Set
from pathlib import Path
from dpgen2.exploration.selector import ConfSelector
from import ExplorationReport

[docs]class SelectConfs(OP): """Select configurations from exploration trajectories for labeling."""
[docs] @classmethod def get_input_sign(cls): return OPIOSign( { "conf_selector": ConfSelector, "type_map": List[str], "trajs": Artifact(List[Path]), "model_devis": Artifact(List[Path]), } )
[docs] @classmethod def get_output_sign(cls): return OPIOSign( { "report": BigParameter(ExplorationReport), "confs": Artifact(List[Path]), } )
[docs] @OP.exec_sign_check def execute( self, ip: OPIO, ) -> OPIO: r"""Execute the OP. Parameters ---------- ip : dict Input dict with components: - `conf_selector`: (`ConfSelector`) Configuration selector. - `type_map`: (`List[str]`) The type map. - `trajs`: (`Artifact(List[Path])`) The trajectories generated in the exploration. - `model_devis`: (`Artifact(List[Path])`) The file storing the model deviation of the trajectory. The order of model deviation storage is consistent with that of the trajectories. The order of frames of one model deviation storage is also consistent with tat of the corresponding trajectory. Returns ------- Output dict with components: - `report`: (`ExplorationReport`) The report on the exploration. - `conf`: (`Artifact(List[Path])`) The selected configurations. """ conf_selector = ip["conf_selector"] type_map = ip["type_map"] trajs = ip["trajs"] model_devis = ip["model_devis"] confs, report = trajs, model_devis, type_map=type_map, ) return OPIO( { "report": report, "confs": confs, } )